csr (corporate social responsibility)

Corporate social responsibility is the efforts companies make to create positive social, economic and environmental impact. There are so many benefits of CSR. For companies it can build good reputations, attract positive attention, minimize environmental impacts, etc. For the environment and other CSR target it can help them to develop and get better. Paratualang Adventure help you to manage CSR program in Bali. There are a few broad categories of social responsibility that Paratualang can provide.


Environmental efforts

  • Reforestation
  • Beach Cleanup
  • Transplanting Coral Fragments
  • Releasing Sea Turtle


  • Donating to Non Governmental Organization, Local School, Orphanage, etc


  • Supporting Organizations in Their Event or Project

location 1

  • We do the Coral transplantation, attaching coral fragments to media then put them in the coral garden, let them grow and increase the number of coral cover. An healthy coral is very important not only for the ecosystem but also for human.

location 2
Kuta Beach

  • Releasing baby turtle is another CSR activities that we provide. Hatching is a largely unpredictable process, so based on our experience the best time to do this activity is around June until October.

location 3
geger beach

  • Other than Pandawa Beach we also has Geger beach for coral transplantation activity. After the project we will also give you a monthly report so it will be good for monitoring result of the program.

location 4
batur geopark

  • One of our program is supporting local organization in reforestation project around Batur Geopark Area.

location 5
local school

  • The program will be supporting local student by giving stationary , books, etc. We can also combine the program with interesting activities such as workshop and fun games.


  • We will also open any opportunities to work on other program based on your company concern.


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